Psychologists are subject to a very high level of professional confidentiality and I am very attached to upholding this idea.

I feel that it is important to adapt the techniques that I have learned in addressing the patient’s problems.

My therapeutic position is to comply with my patient’s physical and psychological intimate world, while guiding the discovery of its own solutions.

It is important to let the patient find his or her rhythm and let it unfold during consultations.

I practice a form of psychotherapy that aims to enable the patient to make changes that last over a lifetime..

ADELI number provided on request

Each Psychologist, such as medical professionals and paramedics, must register his or her degrees with the Departmental Directorate of Health and Social Affairs (DDASS), which then assigns a ADELI number. This protects the patient against the illegal practice of the profession from those who might not be qualified (penalties provided for in section 259 of the Criminal Code).