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My journey


Psychologist since 1994, trained in Paris (University Paris XIII) and EMDR and CBT practitioner, I completed my training in New York (Washington Square Institute, New York) as a Psychoanalyst.

I work in private practice in Paris, after having worked for some time in a clinic in New York (Washington Square Institute).

My experience as both a psychologist and psychoanalyst has helped to enrich the diversity of profiles encountered, both in France and internationally.

This duality gives me the opportunity today:

– To have a clinical sensitivity
– To create a respectful and safe environment for the patient
– To communicate clearly and appropriately
– To ascertain and to establish a proper diagnosis and then accompany the patient in the appropriate treatment to address his or her suffering

Just after the terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001, I volunteered at the American Red Cross in New York. As well, I worked after November 13th, 2015 in Paris. During these two experiences, I was directly exposed to human suffering and had an opportunity to support the loneliness that sometimes accompanies this suffering. This allowed me to confirm that personality, presence, training and experience of the therapist are crucial in working with patients.

I am a member of:
FF2P in Paris (French Federation for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis) ;
NAAP in New York (National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis) ;
Association EMDR France ;
AFTCC in Paris (French Association of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy).